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High Quality AAC+ Stream

Windows Media Player Stream  


Winamp & VLC Player MP3 Stream

The Windows Media stream has a 22k Mono service, suitable for low bandwidth office listening and for mobile devices in areas of poor 3G reception. There is also a higher quality 64k Stereo service more suited to home listening and mobile devices, tablet computers or smart-phones. Your network will determine which one is available.

All streams are available on radio apps such as Tapin Radio for Windows/Android & TuneIn Radio. As we are not a 24 hour radio service, we are unable to be listed in most radio player's search facilities. However, if you go to the 'add URL' or 'add Custom URL' option found under the 'favorites' sections of both the above players, you can add one of the following addresses.

Stream Addresses

MP3 streams

64k Stereo -


Windows Media

24k Mono \ 64k Stereo - 22k mono - 

alternatively try mms:// or rtsp://



96k Stereo -


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